Popcorn Sale

Annual Popcorn Fundraising Sale

Golden Spread Council Cub Master, Scoutmasters, Crew Advisors, and Explorer Post Advisors….

It’s time to sign your Scout Unit up to sell delicious Trails End Popcorn this fall (2018!)   This is your Scout Unit’s chance to earn their share of $195,000 that Golden Spread Council Scout Units earned in 2017!

Sign your Scout Unit to sell Popcorn before September 5, 2018 (NEW DATE) and your unit will receive a  Cool Magic Kit that contains 150 cool tricks!

Please go to the Trails End “Sign Up My Unit to Sell in 2018” link below:


Misc. Information

2018 Show And Sell Order Form revised

2018 Show N Sell Set Up Planner

Budget Planners for Ideal Year of Scouting 2018

2018 Popcorn Sales Plan

2018 Popcorn Sale Reminders   NEW as of 8/16/2018

Prize order sheet (Xcel Spreadsheet) NEW as of 9/7/2018

Trails-End College Scholarship Enrollment Form     NEW as of 9/7/2018

Path to Advancement    NEW as of 9/7/2018

Military Receipt Cards   NEW as of 9/7/2018

Popcorn System Hands-on Workshop     NEW as of 9/7/2018

2018 Door Hanger      New as of 9/11/2018

Top Sellers Listing Form   New as of 9/11/2018

Popcorn Delivery Location choice      New as of 10/9/2018

Popcorn Commission Choice Sheet    New as of 9/11/2018

Unit Kernel – Important Popcorn Sale Information and Sale DatesNew as of 10/9/2018

  • Fill it Up” Drawings September 21, 28, October 5,12, 19
  • Show & Sale- Final Product Return Date Show N Sale Money Due October 19
  • Sales Forms Due into the Scout Office by Wednesday, October 24
  • All Take Order Sales must be placed through the Trails End Popcorn System by Oct 24. Please watch the Popcorn ordering tutorial video (link below) ASAP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D58_lVHpmjg
  • Take Order Sale Pick Up and Distribution Saturday, November 10
  • All money owed the Council due Friday, December 7, 5:00 pm

Unit Kernels, this is a reminder to submit the following popcorn forms to Donna in the Council Office by Wednesday, October 24.

  1. Unit Commission Plan Choice form
  2. Unit Prize Order form
  3. Unit’s Top Sellers form
  4. Delivery location form.

Forms can be emailed, faxed or delivered in person to her, Fax 806- 358-7470, or email to Donna.Haley@scouting.org  Leaders, please go to the council website, www.goldenspread.org and click on the Support Scouting/ Popcorn Sale information link for all of the above 2018 Popcorn Sale Forms and for much more popcorn sales information.

Scout leaders don’t forget to have your scouts bring in or fax (358-7470) to the scout office copies of their full-sheet popcorn order sheets so they will be entered in to the Council’s weekly Friday drawing to win 1 of 5 $100 Academy Sports and Outdoor Gift Cards. Please encourage your scouts to become members of the $1000 Sales Club.  Leaders, also remind your Scouts to knock on more neighborhood doors this year! The Trails-End Popcorn Company has done extensive research that shows that less than 20% of all US households have ever been asked to buy Scout Popcorn and that when asked to buy, 80% of consumers will buy popcorn from a Scout.

Please note that the Amarillo Popcorn Distribution site for Saturday, November 10 has changed to:   

Document Shredding & Storage 

2727 SW 45th Ave.

Amarillo, TX 79110

Please call Donna or Bob 806-358-6500 if you have any 2018 Popcorn Sale questions!

Popcorn Seller News– New as of 9/27/2018

There is great news for the 75 Packs, Troops, Crews and Posts that just sold Trails End Popcorn this fall!  These units have just earned over $172,000 in sales commissions to help fund their “Ideal Year of Scouting!”

Congratulations to these District Top Selling units:

Adobe Walls District           Pack 480        $14,060.00

Adobe Walls District           Troop 41         $5,675.00


Golden Eagle District          Pack 21           $21,415.00

Golden Eagle District          Troop 87        $31,345.00


Lone Wolf District               Pack 163         $20,180.00

Lone Wolf District               Troop 142      $11,450.00

Unit Popcorn Kernels please remember that 100% of the Popcorn sales money your unit owes the Council is due into the Council office on:  Friday, December 7!  Please write one check payable to the Golden Spread Council.  If You have any questions on what your unit owes the office, please contact Donna Haley Donna.Haley@Scouting.org, or 806-358-6500.

The following Popcorn items are also due into the office on December 7:

Your Units Top Sellers List…Prize Order Sheet…Scholarship Forms