This year, Rechartering will open Dec 1, 2023 and close Feb 9, 2024

Recharter Timeline Chart

Here is a timeline for rechartering: NOTE: All recharters must be complete by February 9, 2023

Ensure that the currently registered unit Key 3 leaders are correct in My.Scouting so they can e-approve member and charter renewals. This is essential and must be done as soon as possible since changes at this step can delay the subsequent steps.

  • Today: Check that all youth and adults are currently registered with the unit in and verify that YPT is current through the end of your next recharter cycle.
  • November 1: Units select a member of the Key 3 to review recharter resources, and begin membership inventory.
  • December 1st: Internet Recharter opens. 
  • December 1st to February 9th: Finalize membership roster, verify YPT, collect all fees (the recharter will show you who owes), update internet recharter roster, final review and submit units recharter.  Complete and approve the on-line Unit Recharter process. This can be found by logging into Internet Advancement 2.0 and clicking on Recharter – Internet Recharter Log In 

Once you have submitted your recharter, you will receive an email with a PDF that says “Unit Charter Renewal Report Package”.  You need to turn this in along with your Annual Unit Charter Agreements (signed) and a check for the total amount due.

This is also a great time to pay Order of the Arrow Dues.  Please have your OA members go to the link HERE

Helpful links to info for the process:
  • Applications
    • Youth Application:
    • Adult Application:
      • English                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ^ Background Check Disclosure Form (on the back of the Adult Application)  All Adults must have the current form completed, signed, and returned with the Membership Application.

Upcoming Recharter and Membership Changes after March 1, 2024– Does NOT pertain to this recharter

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