Council Leadership

Golden Spread Council Staff

Scout Executive

Brian Tobler

Assistant Scout Executive

Scott Kilian

Senior Development Director

Chase Roach

Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

Donna Haley

Council Registrar & IT Manager

Stephen Keel

Scout Shop Manager

Heidi Anusczkiewicz

Scout Shop Assistant

Kathy Stone

Camp MK Brown Ranger

Alan Alexander

Camp Don Harrington Ranger

Ken Hutson

Adobe Wall Senior District Executive

Gaylyne Manns

Golden Eagle District Executive

Michael Lopez

Lone Wolf District Executive

Erica Maddox

Quanah Parker Senior District Executive

Gemma Mitchell

Golden Spread Council Officers

Council President

David Prescott

Chairman of the Board

Scott Bentley *

Council Treasurer

Will Miller *

Vice President – Endowment

Scott Richardson

Vice President – Finance

Joe Street

Executive Committee Member

Clint Averitte *

Executive Committee Member

Brian Bruckner *

Executive Committee Member

John Curry

Executive Committee Member

Paul Harpole *

Advisory Council Member

Mark White *

Council Commissioner

Pete Stynes

Vice President – Program

Rob Law

Vice President – Special Events

Alan Bellinghausen

Vice President – Properties

Richard Constancio

Vice President – Membership

Edie Carter

Vice President – Operations


Vice President- Legal

Shane Brooks

Executive Committee Member

David Hudson

Executive Committee Member

Chris Lopez

Executive Committee Member

Bob Rathbun *

Executive Committee Member

Bill McCarty  


* Indicates Past Council President

Golden Spread Council Board Members

Adrian A. (youth rep)

Hillary Badrow

Jay Barrett

Jeremy Bradford ^

Bill Gething

Ben “Charlie” Graham

Jason Gross

Robert McGinnis

Johnny Mize

Kenny Morrison

Bruce Pistocco

Casey Posey

Chrystene Speed

Tracy Torisk

Steve Walthour ^

Jason Eugea ^

^ Indicates District Chairman

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