From the Scout Executive- YPT Policy

The Golden Spread Council is dedicated to keeping every member of our program safe. One of the most effective ways to do this is to ensure every registered adult is up to date on their Youth Protection Training (YPT). We are sending this email to inform you that the Golden Spread Council Executive Board has passed a policy that will “suspend” all registered adults who have let their YPT expire (two years from last completion).

If any registered adult allows their YPT to lapse, their membership will be suspended which results in the following:

  1. Volunteers with lapsed YPT will not be allowed to function as a leader within the unit until their YPT has been completed and a copy of their new YPT certification is delivered or emailed to the Scout Office ([email protected]).
  2. All access to Scoutbook and connections to Scouts will be lost for volunteers who are suspended because of lapsed YPT.
  3. All Unit, District, and Council Leadership are expected to ensure the suspended volunteers adhere to the rules stated above.

The National Office currently sends three emails to registered adults notifying them that their YPT is about to expire (90 days out, 60 days out, and 30 days out). The Golden Spread Council will additionally send an email to the registered adult and copy the unit Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, and Unit leader the month of expiration. We will additionally send a reminder each subsequent month that the YPT training has not been completed and the membership is suspended.

We appreciate your help in maintaining the standards of safety for the youth of the Golden Spread Council. Please contact the Service Center with any questions. Thank you for all you do to make Scouting possible in the Golden Spread Council.

Brian Tobler

Scout Executive, Golden Spread Council

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