2023 Jamboree

Days until the start of Jamboree!
Jamboree Patch Set Collection

Welcome to the 2023 Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree! 

We encourage you to check out www.jamboree.scouting.org

Once there, click on the “Participant” tab to see to check out all the exciting opportunities the Jamboree offers to ALL participants however, all the tabs have great information!

Our Council will be forming a “Council Contingent” and we will post information here so watch for updates often. We will indicate, by date, of when we post new items so you can quickly locate what you are looking for!!!!

Our current leadership team consists of the following:

Jonathon Burkhard – Scoutmaster

Rebecca Holcomb – Asst. Scoutmaster

James Bentley – Asst Scoutmaster

Clint Page – Asst Scoutmaster

James Schulte – Asst Scoutmaster 

Scott Kilian – Council Staff Advisor

Important info and updates below:

Updated: 4/29/2022

The 2023 Jamboree is one of the best events a Scout and Adult will ever take and it may be the once in a lifetime chance to build memories, friendships, fellowship, and of course FUN!!!  Check out the video below to get a very small taste of the 2023 Jamboree!

What is the Jamboree?

So what can you do at the Jamboree?

Jamboree Particpants Information

Interested on being part of the Jamboree Staff?

Updated: 5/4/2022

Want “Quick Look” to see who can attend the Jamboree?

Updated: 5/17/2022

The fee schedule/refund policy, and other great information is here!  NOTE- OUTDATED see 7.6/2022

Jamboree Video

Updated: 5/31/2022

Jamboree Scholarship Website

Updated: 7/6/2022

Fee schedule and updated information

Updated: 7/28/2022

Parent/Guardian Informational Meeting (Zoom) scheduled for August 3 @7pm. Click HERE for the link!

Updated: 9/6/2022

Fee schedule and updated information

Updated: 9/16/2022

Reminder that the Jamboree Fee will increase $215.00 on October 31.  You must go online and register AND be approved by the Council on or before that date to get the current pricing.

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