Council Update- March 17


We have made some tough decisions regarding our operations here at the Golden Spread Council. We want to reiterate that these decisions were not made in haste but using what we feel is in the best interest of our staff, volunteers, and scouts.
* The Scout Service Center will be open, however no pubic access will be allowed. You may call us during business hours to conduct business as usual. If you need items from the Scout Shop, we will work with you on a specific time to pick up that order.

* The Camps will be closed through April 5 for any visitors, campouts, shooting sports, or activities.

* All activities to include Cub Scout Extravaganza and Scouts BSA Camporee are postponed.

* Scouting for Food is postponed

* March and April Roundtables, Trainings, Key 3 meetings etc. will either be cancelled or if possible, take place in a Zoom format.

* In regards to unit meetings or campouts (at locations outside of GSC Camps)- that will be determined by your Chartered Partner, Committee, and parents as to these taking place.

As more information or any changes come to our attention, we will let you know.

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