2021 Boy Scouts of America Jamboree

The 2021 Jamboree information has been received and we want to present the information to everyone so you can start considering attending this awesome event.

The dates are July 21-30, 2021 and is located at The Summit Bectel Reserve in West Virginia.

The fee for participants (Must be a registered Scouts BSA/Venturer/Adult at the start of the Jamboree) is $1175.00 and that does not include transportation to and from, additional trips, pre-trek meetings etc.

A reservations deposit of $175.00 will be due in January 2020 (5 months from now!), a second payment of $500.00 will be due mid-year 2020, and a final payment of $500.00 will be due in 2021.

We have requested one Crew of 36 Scouts, 3 Adults Leaders, and one Junior Leader (18-21 years old).

At this time, we are asking that if you are interested to please email Scott Kilian (scott.kilian@scouting.org) of your interest in this Jamboree. Scott will keep a running list of this information and as time gets closer, he will contact you with more detailed information and to confirm your interest.

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